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PowerDraft vs. MicroStation Full Version

PowerDraft is a slightly reduced-function version of MicroStation produced by Bentley, Inc. PowerDraft has a lower price point than full MicroStation versions, and as of January 2005, PowerDraft is now available free to students.

PowerDraft is a valuable teaching and learning aid and should be fully utilized by students in all design areas. A link is provided below to download the current V8i version of PowerDraft from Bentley, Inc. Please note that we cannot help you with the installation process.

After installing the software it will need to "phone home" to Bentley's Select Server to register the software and at 30-day intervals thereafter. This is an automatic process if you have an open internet connection.

Our V8i 2D Level 1 and Level 2 training manuals work extremely well with PowerDraft and minimal adjustment is necessary from the full version instruction. However, since PowerDraft has only basic 3D functionality, our 3D Level 3 manual is of minimal use for this software version. See the links on the left for our training manuals.

Please feel free to contact us without obligation if you require further information.

Click Here to download the PowerDraft V8i software (a new browser page will open).






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