Blueprint Reading for the Construction Trades 2nd Edition

Blueprint Reading for the Construction Trades 2nd Edition

Soft cover, 230 pages, comb bound, 2nd edition, Peter A. Mann.
Construction tradespersons need to understand and apply the information given on blueprints with a minimum of error and a maximum of speed. To do so they must be able to mentally visualize, in three dimensions, the orthographic information presented on those blueprints. In addition to tradespersons, Blueprint Reading for the Construction Trades, 2nd Edition, anyone needing to learn blue reading will greatly benefit from this book.

The instruction is written to develop these all-important visualization skills and takes the reader through basic sketching exercises, reading scale rules, understanding orthographic drawings, and visualizing in three-dimensions through isometric, oblique, and perspective drawings.

In addition to the general instruction, a fold-out commercial drawing set teaches the importance of construction sections.  Readers are also guided through a fold-out drawing set of a solar residence to practice their visualization skills by understanding the shape, size, dimensions, and details of the residence.  A twenty question test evaluates the reader's ability to fully visualize the building's details.

The Blueprint Reading for the Construction Trades textbook provides the following:

  • A "hands-on" approach to developing visualization skills.
  • Simple, easily understood instruction with many illustrations.
  • Extensive orthographic and isometric exercises, the basis of blueprint reading.
  • Detailed instruction on reading English and metric scale rules.
  • Solutions are provided for all exercises and tests.
  • Fold-out commercial and residential drawings sets bound into the book.

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Companion book to Blueprint Reading for the Construction Trades.

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