Table of Contents:  Illustrated Residential & Commercial Construction

The Illustrated Residential and Commercial Construction text contains sixteen Chapters, each written to lead the user through the information in a logical construction sequence. Special emphasis is placed on solar design and energy efficient construction.

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Illustrated Residential and Commercial Construction textbook.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Progress chart
General Contents
Page Setup
Materials and Codes
Information Sources
Chapter 2 Metric Measure
Measurement Systems
Base/Derived Units
Soft/Hard Metric Conversions
English to Metric Conversions for the following values:
Linear Measure, Square Measure
Cubic Measure, Mass (Weight),
Volume, Temperature, Time,
Force, Pressure, Stress,
Energy & Power, Electricity,
Velocity, Flow, Slope

Chapter 3 Basic Structures & Passive Solar Design
Basic Layout Designs for:
Bungalow, Two-Story, Split-Level, Multiple Dwellings
Passive Solar Design covering:
Greenhouse Effect, Direct Gains, Indirect Gains, Solariums, Building Shape & Orientation, Location of Indoor Spaces, Window Orientation, Street Orientation, Window Treatments, Sun Charts, Sizing Glazing, Active Solar Systems
Chapter 4 Site Conditions
Legalities, Design Factors
Codes and Zoning
Permits and Contracts
Site Conditions
Site Services
Site Plans
Setting Out
Chapter 5 Foundations
Foundation Systems
Concrete and Formwork
Columns, Piles, Piers
Footing Drainage
Foundation Walls: Concrete, Block, Preserved Wood
Basement Windows
Crack Control
Wall Reinforcement
Retaining Walls
Chapter 6 Floors
Materials - Wood Products
Span Tables
Platform Framing
Balloon Framing
Floor Support Beams
Floor Construction Details: Fdn. Wall Connections, Openings, Overhangs & Cutouts, Second-Floor Details
Stair Framing
Wood-I Beam Detailing
Wood Truss Detailing
Structural Steel
Cast & Precast Concrete
Hollow-Core Slabs
Cellular Steel Decking
Access Flooring

Chapter 7 Walls
Stud Framing: Materials, Standard Framing, Corners, Intersections, Door/Window Framing, Headers/Lintels, Gables, Bracing, Ledgers, Special Construction
Preplanned Module Framing
Steel Stud Materials & Details
Masonry Walls: Materials, Modular Layouts, Wall Heights, Masonry Bonding, Mortar Joints, Expansion Joints, Brick Veneer, Cavity Walls, Solid Masonry, Masonry Lintels, Masonry Arches
Curtain Wall Options
Metal Siding
Chapter 8 Roofs
Roof Shapes
Pitch and Slope
Roof Types: Gable, Hip, Shed, Flat, Gambrel, Mansard
Wood Truss Systems & Details
Roof Overhangs
Soffiit Returns and Heels
Rafter Systems: Calculations, Cuts, Ceiling Joists, Span Tables, Gables, Hips, Gambrel, Flat, Roof Intersections, Dormer Framing, Wall Setbacks
Roof Sheathing
Laminated Wood Systems
Heavy Wood/Steel Trusses
Structural Steel
Precast Concrete
Prefab Metal Buildings
Roof Decking
Chapter 9 Post and Beam
Transverse Beams
Longitudinal Beams
Combined Framing
Material Types
Connection Details
Partitions and Rafters
Solid Timber Frames and Joints

Chapter 10 Energy Conservation and Solar Design
Energy Balance
Heat Loss in Structures
House Styles and Heat Loss
General Design
Problems and Solutions
Air Leakage Causes
Neutral Plane Positions
Air/Vapor Barriers
Insulation Materials/Installation
Upgraded Wall Types
Roof Ventilation
Upgraded Roof Types
Insulation Levels/Values
Ventilation Techniques
Drawing/Installation Details of: Headers, Basement Walls, Foundation Walls, Preserved Wood Foundations, Insulating Concrete Blocks, Insulated Floor Slabs, Slab-on-Grade, Crawl Spaces, Walls - Single/Double Stud, Strapped, Flat Ceilings, Sloping Ceilings, Partitions, Overhangs, Split-Levels
A/VB detailing
Electrical Boxes
Windows and Doors

Chapter 11 Finishes
Gypsum Board, Drywall/Sheetrock
Joint Finishing
Interior Plaster Work
Interior Paneling
Ceramic Tile Flooring
Wood Tile
Wood Strip Flooring
Resilient Flooring
Ceramic Tile Walls
Exterior Siding
Stone Veneer
Cornice (Eave) Construction
Asphalt Shingles
Wood/Asphalt Shingle Application
Metal Roofing
Tile Roofing
Built-Up Roofing
Membrane Roofing

Chapter 12 Windows and Doors
Windows and Doors
Window Types
Frame Materials
Glass and Double Glazing
Screens and Muntins
Frame Extensions
Window Sizes
Window Installation
Fixed Windows
Door Types
Door Materials
Frame Types and Materials
Clearances, Hinges, Swings
Door Hardware
Garage Doors

Chapter 13 Stairs and Cabinets
Stairs and Cabinets
Stair Types
Platforms and Winders
Stair Layout
Stringers and Carriages
Closed-Riser Construction
Open-Riser Construction
Riser Details and Headroom
Tread and Trim Details
Steel and Concrete Stairs
Ladders and Ramps
Kitchen Work Triangles
Heights and Clearances
Cabinet Materials
Cabinet Styles and Construction
Standard Cabinet Units

Chapter 14 Heating and Cooling
Heating and Cooling
Fuels and Efficiency
Gas/Oil Furnaces
Electric Heating
Heat Pumps
Fireplaces and Wood Stoves
Forced-Air Systems
Crawl Space Systems
Slab-on-Grade Systems
Hydronic Systems
Radiant Heating
Ventilation and Makeup Air
Central Air Systems
Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers

Chapter 15 Electrical
Service Schematic
Service Entrance - Overhead
Service Entrance - Underground
Load Center - Panel Board
Circuit Breakers/ Fuses
Branch Circuits
Switches, Receptacles
Cables, Conduits
Wire Sizes
Grounding Systems

Chapter 16 Plumbing
Water Supplies
Water Pressure
Supply System Design
Hot Water Systems
Drainage Systems
Pipe Sizes
Room Stacking
Trap Seal and Venting
Venting Systems
Septic Systems
Rainwater Disposal