eBook Information and Copyright

By purchasing an eBook you are agreeing to the Copyright restrictions stated below.

General Information
We offer all our publications in eBook format so that you always receive the most up-to-date editions. eBooks are electronic files in Acrobat PDF format and are identical to our printed versions.

eBooks offer several advantages over paper editions:
Significantly reduced cost for the same contents.
Fast download - no shipping cost.
Laptop portability.
Search functions.
Print entire manual (see Copyright information below).
Print individual pages.
Color graphics (V8i and above).
Fully readable on an iPad. Our eBooks range in size from 5 mb to 50 mb. We recommend a fast internet connection for downloading.
Purchasing eBooks
To purchase an eBook click on any of the red Shopping Cart buttons on the web pages. Follow the selections to our eBook Shopping Cart pages. On receipt of your payment we will send you a link to our server where you can download the eBook of your choice. This is a simple process and there are download instructions on these pages. Please note that this is not an automated procedure and we ask for your patience while we check and process your order, typically within a few hours of your payment and subject to usual EST business hours.
We employ password security to help safeguard our copyright. We are sure you understand that protecting our copyright is extremely important if we are to continue to publish new and updated publications. Developing new and updated material is an expensive process and we strive to offer the most  up-to-date publications possible on a continuous basis. Software is constantly changing - you may need newer-version publications in the future!

We ask that you print no more that two (2) copies of an eBook for your own use. We also ask that you do not give copies to other people or associates, re-sell to other persons, or use as handouts for classroom instruction.