Illustrated Residential and Commercial Construction

Soft cover, 440 pages, comb bound, Peter A. Mann.
Illustrated Residential and Commercial Construction is specifically written for students engaged in building studies, including first-year and second-year architectural courses, building technologist and technician courses, apprenticeship training, and upper level high school technical courses.  Persons already involved in the construction business who require a broad-based reference book, and members of the general public planning new construction or renovation projects, will also find much of interest.

Illustrated Residential and Commercial Construction describes in detail the materials and construction techniques of modern construction together with the basic principles of competent building design.  All major building elements from building location and foundations to electrical and mechanical services are presented in a sequence similar to that of actual construction.  In each chapter, comparisons are made between the wide range of options available in construction materials and installation methods.

In addition to standard construction techniques and solar design, throughout the book emphasis is placed on design construction methods that increase the energy efficiency of a building's structure. This aspect of the construction industry is now a major part of a modern building's function and designers and builders in all climatic regions must be aware of the systems and methods involved.

The Illustrated Residential and Commercial Construction book provides the following:

  • The book is profusely illustrated with over 1600 illustrations, all positioned next to related text.
  • Each individual page or pair of facing pages have been designed as completely self-contained information units.
  • All text is located beside or close to each illustration, eliminating illustration "lag" and making figure numbers unnecessary.
  • Extensive page number cross-referencing and the careful placement of illustrations and text.
  • All sizes and dimensions are given in English and metric values.
  • A large portion of the text is written in point form for greater information density per page.
  • All sizes and dimensions given in English and metric measure.
  • Detail illustrations of materials and construction processes.
  • Special chapters on Energy Conservation and Solar Design.
  • Product items described in generic terms to avoid brand-name obsolescence
  • Wide field of subject matter covering every standard construction area.
  • Extensive classroom testing ensuring quality and accuracy.

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