Bentley MicroStation & PowerDraft Training Manual 2D Level 1

Microstation 2D Level 1 Connect, V8i, V8 training manuals.

Soft cover, 348 pages, comb bound, Peter A. Mann.
Bentley MicroStation is a powerful computer aided drafting (CAD) program that allows users to produce sophisticated 2D and 3D designs. As with all CAD software, new MicroStation users need clear, basic, step-by-step instruction with related drawing practice to become an effective operator, whether working alone or in a classroom.

The manuals are written to provide MicroStation instruction for both individual users and for users in a directed training setting.  Instructors will find these books to be very efficient training texts. The MicroStation 2D Level 1 Connect, V8i, XM or V8 Training Manuals are the first books in a three-part series that breaks MicroStation instruction into manageable and logical training courses, ideal for individuals, colleges, distance-education courses, and training companies.

All versions have been extensively rewritten to reflect the many changes and additions to the MicroStation and PowerDraft software packages.
We have also partnered with InfiniteSkills to offer our MicroStation V8i Level 1 training manual in video format.  If you prefer to learn in a classroom environment, but at a fraction of the cost, you will find these videos very effective.

Prices:  eBook $26.99  Paper manual $42.99

The MicroStation 2D Level 1 Connect, V8i, XM or V8 Training Manuals provide the following:

  • The Connect version is continually updated to reflect incremental changes.  Latest version:  SS4
  • The V8i version is updated when required to reflect incremental changes.  Latest version:  July 2015.
  • Extensive testing by colleges and trainers ensuring quality and accuracy.
  • Numbered step-by-step instructions for all procedures and exercises.
  • Over 860 drawings and screen captures providing detailed illustrations.
  • Emphasis is placed on MicroStation's important AccuDraw function.
  • Italicized highlighting of significant actions or information.
  • All sizes and dimensions given in English and metric measure.
  • Instruction is presented in nineteen logically-sequential Modules.
  • Designed as a self-paced course for individual training instruction, but also perfect for in-class instruction.

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Microstation online courses

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