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The links and drawing exercises on this page are provided as resource information for our MicroStation distance-education course participants and as a service to our college, training companies, and retail customers.

We welcome your suggestions for MicroStation resources and for links relating to MicroStation, Architecture, or Construction. To offer a resource or to suggest a link, click here to send us an e-mail describing what you would like to submit.  We will, of course, include your name on any drawing exercise we use.

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View Samples Pages of our Manuals

We think it important that you are able to see the content and presentation of our books before purchase.  Click on the links below to view Acrobat PDF files of page samples from all our publications.

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MicroStation 10 Connect

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Level 3

MicroStation V8i

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MicroStation XM

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MicroStation V8

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Blueprint Reading

BPR Sample 1

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Illustrated Residential

Illustrated Res. & Comm.

Prefer to learn visually?  We have recorded all our V8i training manuals in video format in a partnership with O'Reilly/  Click here for details.

 PowerDraft Software
Our MicroStation training manuals work equally well with Bentley's PowerDraft software.

PowerDraft is a slightly reduced-function version of MicroStation produced by Bentley, Inc. PowerDraft has a lower price point than full MicroStation versions.  PowerDraft is available free to students registered in a college course. PowerDraft is a valuable teaching and learning aid and should be fully utilized by students in all design areas. Click here for more information.

MicroStation Connect and V8i SS3 3D Example Graphics Files

The graphics files below are taken from our the 3D Level 3 training manual to give our readers a more accurate color rendering than is possible in the printed paper manual. All our eBooks contain the graphics in full color.

MicroStation XM and V8 3D Level 3 Example Graphics Files

The "clearbluesky.jpg" file at the end of the Module 17 list is used as a background for exterior rendered scenes. We ask that non-MicroStation users give us credit for this image if used on your web site.    This zip archive file contains sample project files for use with the Level 2 manual (all versions).    This design file contains six text styles examples for use with the Level 2 manual (all versions).    Use this architectural font file for Level 2 - Module 5 - Importing fonts (XM, V8, V7).  Right-click on the link and select "Save link as" or "Save target as".

  Badlands_0056.jpg    This photo is used in MicroStation Connect, Level 3, Section 8-9, for the Surface by Image tool.  View or download.


MicroStation Related Links - Click on the icons

Bentley's corporate site.

Bentley's community pages. The Discussion Groups section is very helpful for those questions that just don't seem to have an answer!

Ask?Inga. An exceptionally good problem-solving site.

This site has thousands of cells for users. Note that AutoCAD files can be opened in MicroStation and used in designs. publishes a wide selection of mdl apps for MicroStation.

Australian Data Systems. Assorted MicroStation tools and links.

Cornerstone Graphic Systems Inc.  Tips & tricks, free application downloads, and helpful MicroStation customization information from Shawn Rose.

Development services for relational databases, SQL, Windows, XML, and MicroStation. There are tutorial pages and free examples of MicroStation VBA and MDL.

Offers a wide array of services to the AEC industry including 3D Modeling and custom services including file translations, cell libraries, programming, training and drafting services.

The Iowa Digital Design & Engineering Applications (IDDEA) GroupIowa group of MicroStation, CAD, and GIS users.

Architecture Related Links - Click on the icons

The Blue Book. Lists of US contractors and vendors.

The Thomas Register of American Manufacturers.

A really excellent architectural styles and definitions site.