Trainers and Resellers

We would like to suggest some advantages for using our MicroStation Training Manuals for your training programs and to inform you of our customization and self-printing program.


  • OurMicroStation Training Manuals present information in a self-paced style. This has the advantage of allowing an instructor to set reading assignments before classes to reduce in-class lecture time, or after classes to provide more detailed information not covered in class.
  • The wealth of small drawing examples in the manuals allow the participants to quickly practice important techniques. Participants can also reinforce the techniques with the larger drawing examples at their leisure.
  • Detailed step-by-step instruction allows all participants to easily retrace their actions if they find themselves out-of-step during an instruction sequence.
  • If you are satisfied with your current training materials for clients who train at your facility, but you would like self-paced training material for clients who cannot train with you, you will find the MicroStation Training Manuals to be most appropriate.


We will customize the front cover of our manuals to your specifications. This includes the addition of your company name and logo, and any other text that you feel would benefit your company.'s logo will still be present on the cover and will appear in each Module in the copyright information. We will also customize the contents of the manuals, removing whole or part Modules as requested.

We also offer a Reproduction Agreement to qualified training companies allowing local self-reproduction of our manuals. This is a very cost-efficient method of obtaining our manuals without expensive shipping charges. A royalty is payable for each manual printed, invoiced at the end of each calendar quarter.

Please contact us if you are interested in either of these services.