NEW!  Bentley MicroStation 10 Connect is now available in 2D Levels 1 & 2, and 3D Level 3.

Since 1986 has specialized in high quality training materials for individuals, teachers, and trainers.  Our very popular eBooks and manuals cover the fields of MicroStation, Architecture/Construction, and Blueprint Reading.  Our proven and guaranteed materials are used worldwide and you can be confident they will work for you.  Join our thousands of appreciative customers today!

But don't take our word for it - check out the sample pages for each manual on the product pages below.  See how user-friendly our manuals are.

General Product Information

  • Our manuals and books are available in eBook or Paper editions.   MicroStation eBooks are full color, while paper copies are black and white.
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Microstation Levels 1, 2, 3 Connect edition

How to effectively learn MicroStation the easy way!

Need to learn or teach MicroStation?

Our training manuals and eBooks efficiently and easily guide you step-by-step through MicroStation's tools and techniques, and simplify learning in an easy-to-follow logical sequence.  The three levels of training manuals take you from basic 2D to advanced 3D using hundreds of examples and exercises.  You will experience a high level of competency on completion of the manuals.

Prices start at $24.99 with multiple-manual discounts.

Microstation training courses

MicroStation On-Line Courses

Let us help increase your MicroStation skills!

We offer MicroStation on-line courses. Check out our low cost and very effective Distance-Education Courses for even more training depth and competency.   Participants finishing the courses achieve high grades.

Prices start at $265.00 per course with multi-course discounts.

Microstation videos V8i and Connect

Bentley MicroStation Videos

Prefer to learn MicroStation visually?  We have recorded our V8i training manuals in video format in a partnership with  The videos exactly follow our MicroStation manual contents.  This is a very popular and practical way for you to learn MicroStation!

Prices start at $99.99 with multi-bundle discounts.

Microstation versions from

MicroStation Versions

Our MicroStation training manuals are available for versions 10 Connect,  V8i, XM, V8, and V7.  Our V8i version is current with SS3.  You will find full details, sample pages, and Tables of Content if you follow the link below.  MicroStation 10 Connect is currently available in PDF format only.  Please contact us if you require paper copies.

Prices start at $26.99 with multi-manual discounts.


Illustrated Residential and Commercial Construction textbook.

The ultimate how-to book for construction!

If you want to learn the fundamentals of building construction and architectural design, this is the book for you.  This profusely illustrated guide is presented in both English and metric measure.  Over 1600 illustrations and special chapters on Energy Efficiency and Passive Solar design.

Prices start at $32.99.


Blueprint Reading for the Construction Trades -

Do you want to learn or teach blueprint reading?

Enhance your blueprint reading skills!   This second edition of our Blueprint Reading for the Construction Trades is a tried and tested textbook written to develop blueprint visualization skills through the use of orthographic and isometric tools.  You work with included commercial construction drawings and a full solar and energy-efficient house drawing set.  If you are a tradesperson or you simply need to to learn to read blueprints, you will benefit greatly from this textbook.

Prices start at $26.99